Chatham Arch


Map of N College Ave At Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Neighborhood Map with Building Descriptions

Park Avenue Church of Christ

Park Avenue Church of Christ located at 620 E. 10th Street is located in a fairly new building which is not historically significant. The church also houses the Christian School offering classes through grade twelve.

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The Phoenix Theatre

The Phoenix Theatre located at 749 N. Park Avenue is designed to bring provocative, cutting-edge theater to central Indiana. For information and ticket information call 317 635-PLAY.

The Phoenix Theatre invites you to visit their home page.

This building was built in 1907 as the First United Brethren Church. In 1921 the congregation grew to the point that it was necessary to build a new church at the corner of Park Avenue and Walnuts Street. The building was then sold to St. Stephen's Missionary Baptist Church.

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Historic Fire Station

This historic fire station commonly referred to as Engine Company #2 located at 748 Massachusetts Avenue was was built in 1871 and is now the oldest remaining station in Indianapolis. It was in continuous use until the early 1930s when the station at 636 E. 11th Street was built. The main structure features a pedimented gable with bracketed cornice, a Renaissance window with wooden tracery and stone-and-brick encircling lintel. The structure is now used by the firefighters union as offices and meeting rooms. It also houses a museum and the Survive Alive program which teaches fire safety to school children.

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Beilouny The Beilouny building features 23 units, underground parking, 6th floor roof garden, and private elevators. The ground floor houses over 10,000 square feet of retail space.

The building formerly on this site was built in 1929 by the Hook Drug Company as one of their branch stores and remained a drug store until 1970.

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ComedySportz Theatre

ComedySportz located at 721 Massachusetts Avenue offers improvisional theatre presentations on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.  The theatre replaced Raleigh's Dinner Theatre.

The theatre is located in a building built in 1874 as a saloon and billiards hall.

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Theatre on the Square

Theatre on the Square is located at 627 Massachusetts Avenue. The theatre specializes in popular to lessor known plays and musicals in an intimate setting. The theatre seeks to challenge audiences and volunteers and to expand theatre education, both for audiences and volunteers. For reservations and information call 1- 317-637-8085.

Theatre on the Square invites you to visit their home page.

The theatre is located in a commercial building built in 1926 that had four storefronts.

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Aesop's Tables Restaurant

Aesop's Tables Restaurant located at 600 Massachusetts Avenue features fine Mediterranean food. The restaurant is popular with the theatre crowd and with downtown neighbors.

The building occupied by Aesops is the Argyle Building which was built in 1911. It has storefronts on the first floor and 46 apartments on the upper floors.

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Murat Theatre

The Murat Theatre located at 502 N. New Jersey features popular Broadway shows and big name musical entertainers. For information and ticket reservations call the box office 317 635-2433.

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The Athenaeum located at 401 E. Michigan Street houses the American Cabaret Theatre, the YMCA and the Rathskeller Restaurant.

The American Cabaret Theatre offers musical reviews in a cabaret setting. For information and reservations call the box office at 317 631-0334.

The Rathskeller Restaurant features German and Amerian food and is open for lunch and dinner.

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Hoffman House Bed & Breakfast

This four-square house built in 1903 and located at 545 E. 11th Street is now operated as a bed & breakfast by owner, Laura Arnold. For information and reservations call 317 636-5516. Laura invites you to visit her home page.

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Metro Bar & Restaurant

The Metro located at 707 N. Massachusetts Avenue was voted best gay bar in Indianapolis by Nuvo Magazine.

This important commercial building was built in 1874 by Adam Knauf, a baker. The Massachusetts Avenue facade of the building displays a remarkable variety of design schemes differing at each story. The ground floor storefronts and entrances are surrounded by a stone arcade that resembles one of cast-iron design. The second and third stories of red brick are highlighted by stone stingcourse and window accents. The second floor windows are of round arch design with stone lintels that accent this form, while the third floor rectangular windows are capped by crossetted stone lintels. An interesting sheet-metal cornice tops the elevation, the varying brackets of which correspond to the design of the first floor arcade. The east and west side walls retain the ghosts of numerous old painted advertisements.

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Chatham Place Block Building

The Chatham Place Block Building located at 706 Massachusetts Avenue and built in 1875 is one of the most important historic buildings in the Chatham Arch neighborhood. Its most distinctive feature is the arcade along Walnut Street and Massachusetts Avenue, the column and capitals of which are of cast-iron while the arches are of stone. The original storefronts have not been altered, a testimony to the fine design of Roman Arch window and door surrounds. The interesting diagonal placement of the entrances along Massachusetts Avenue probably resulted from a desire for uniform southern exposure. Colorful tile work of the era survives at several of the entrance ways. The importance of this imposing Italianate building in defining the urban character of Chatham Square cannot be overestimated. The building has been completely restored as storefront condominiums on the first floor and luxury residences on the upper two floors.

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Downtown Veterinarian

The Downtown Veterinarian for pets is located at 542 East 11th St. The center is staffed by veternarians Tom Buchanan, Trish Wiggers and Kim Cline. Their phone number is 317-972-1111.

This building was built in 1953 as a union hall for the Sheet Metal Workers. Although it is interesting, it is not considered an historically significant structure.

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Old Coca Cola Bottling Plant

The lovely old Coca-Cola bottling plant located on the northeastern corner of College and Massachusetts Avenues is presently being used for support services by the Indianapolis Public Schools. This structure is clad in schlpted white stucco and is probably the finest of its kind in the United States.

Hopefully some day soon the structure can be put to a more pedestrian-friendly use such as a school, condos, a museum or mixed use residential and retail.

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Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ

Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ was constructed in 1912 and was designed by D.A. Bohlen & Son. Gothic influence is prevalent in the design of this church, which is constructed of brown, salt-glazed brick with color-matched mortar joints. The basic compositional elements of the imposing main facade include: the central, gabled nave with its monumental, stained-glass window in pointed arch form; the two flanking, square towers, the southern one rising a full story higher to accomodate bells and chies; and the entrance porch connecting these three elements, with its three pointed-arch doorways.

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Allen Chapel of the AME Church

The Allen Chapel of the AME Church located at 629 E. 11th St. was constructed in 1927. It has two primary facades, the one on 11th Street featuring a three-bay, central pavilion and the one on Broadway a projecting entrance bay with free-standing brick piers. Constructed of cinder block with steel frame, the veneer is red, wire-cut brick with color matched mortar, accented by limestone trim. The large stained glass windows form window walls around the building; the tracery of intersecting, pointed arches is worked into the round arch window form. Above a pressed metal cornice, a parapet rises, with triangular forms over the doorway bays bearing stone crosses.

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4 Star Gallery & Yats Cajun Food

The 4 Star Gallery is located at 653-657 Massachusetts Avenue which is the Art District of Indianapolis. It is the mission of the gallery to represent cutting edge contemporary artists, and assist local up and coming artists to gain a global awareness of their work.

The 4 Star Gallery also seeks to bring the works of regional, national, and international artists to the Indianapolis area.

The gallery invites you to visit their home page.

In the same building is the Yats Restaurant specializing in Cajun food.

The three-and-a-half story brick commercial building at 653 Massachusetts Avenue was constructed in 1872 as a rental. Early occupants included a grocery store and a harness shop. The top half story, with its circular vents and corbelled cornice, significantly adds to the building's tall proportions. Of note are the cast-iron columns that remain from the first floor's original storefront, and the vestiges of the former spades block that are attached at the west side. The single story brick building to the north at 655-657 Massachusetts Avenue was constructed in 1893 as a saloon.

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Nestle Inn

The Nestle Inn is a bed & breakfast located at 637 N. East Street. The newly renovated building is operated by innkeepers Steve and Barb Tegarden. The Nestle Inn has four guest rooms and one suite. All have private baths, TV, phone, voice mail, and data part. Common areas include a parlor, library, lobby and a second floor seating area and snack bar with microwave and refrigerator for guest use.

This delightful building was constructed in 1896 as a two family residence. Variation is the keynote in this house, in its plan, its roof forms, its materials, and its decorative detail. On the north and south sides of the house, extensions in plan are roofed by broad gables but exhibit different facades. On the south, the second floor cantilevers as a Colonial garrison house, and on the north, the windows of the gable end have been recessed behind colonettes. The three-sided bay attached at the east is crowned by a demi-turet with dormer. Stone window lintels, leaded glass window transoms, and a plasterwork floral pattern in the tympanum of the wraparound porch's pediment accent this house.

The Nestle Inn invites you to visit their web site.

You may also them.

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Scholar's Inn

The Scholar's Inn is located at 723-729 Massachusetts Avenue.  The restaurant seats 250 people with an outside patio that will seat 70.

This restaurant is located in a building which was constructed in 1896.  The bold Roman arches of the first-floor are the most striking design element of the facade.  The arches, which spring from short, Romanesque-style piers, are executed in sawtooth brickwork and highlighted by an echoing molding.

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745 Bar & Grill

The 745 Bar & Grill is located at 745-747  Massachusetts Avenue which is the Art District of Indianapolis. The pub features a large screen TV with good food & drink reasonably priced.

The building was constructed in 1912 as an investment property.  The first tenants were a dentist and a grocer.  The tenants changed frequently after 1915 as did the look of the building.

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